Having a ball!

Sumatran tiger, Joao, had a ball with his new enrichment, which we’ve been able to provide thanks to our generous visitors.

The giant purposely-made heavy-duty ball proved an instant hit with our tiger twosome – so a huge THANK YOU to the 22 people who donated to our online crowdfunding appeal.

Acting Team Leader Sam Grove, said: “We’re delighted with the ball and more importantly so are Joao and Daseep.

“Joao especially loved the new gift and we watched him playing with it for a long while, which he doesn’t usually do with other enrichment items.

“We added chunks of meat to the inside, which dropped out while he rolled it about, but Joao was so engrossed in play that he was ignoring the food on the floor!”

We hoped to raise £350 through the appeal for the ball, but fell short by just £60, however zoo bosses added the remainder allowing keepers to purchase the enrichment.

We’ll be organising another crowdfunder for further large-scale enrichment items for some more of our animals in the coming weeks, so watch this space!