Have a crate birthday Benji!

Birthday boy Benji is in for a fun time after getting a new bread crate for his 41st today.

The charismatic Bornean orang, who loves carrying a plastic bread tray around with him, was presented with a replacement crate as his old one was getting tatty.

But the man of the moment is refusing to give up the old one and can now be seen dragging two crates around the enclosure.

Senior Primate Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner said: “Benji is a firm favourite at DZG and has been with us for 22 years.

“He’s never without his beloved bread crate and will carry it with him wherever he goes. He even turns it upright to sit on it so he can see us through the den door.

“His old bread crate was cracked and worn and we thought a new one would be the perfect present for the birthday boy. We even wrapped it!

“He does really like the gift but won’t let go of the old one, so he’s now carrying two around with him which is funny to see.”

Happy Birthday Benji!