Harry Potter Days

Students from four Walsall schools had lessons in a parallel universe when they joined Harry Potter Days at DZG.

harry-potter-1-webMore than 300 year seven students learned about medieval medicine and magical beasts at Dudley Castle where they designed a coat of arms, and took part in a mask-making session.

Around 135 pupils from Willenhall School Sports College attended on Monday, November 21, and the same number on Tuesday 22.

Students from Frank F Harrison Engineering College, Aldridge School and Shire Oak Academy joined the fun on Wednesday 23.

DZG’s presenters Langan Turner and Kellie Piper taught alongside staff from the four schools, with all teachers dressed in wizards’ hats and cloaks.

Pupils were assigned to Harry Potter houses using a sorting hat, and each day concluded with an indoor owl display.

Organiser Viv Russell said students love the annual event. She said: “DZG is an extremely inspiring environment for young people.

“Not only is there the castle with its fantastic ambience, but the animals provide a clear link with the Harry Potter stories – it’s education in a parallel universe.

“The students often say they will remember the day as long as they live.”

Presenter, Langan Turner, aka Professor Cobweb, said: “The feedback we get from youngsters taking part is always overwhelmingly positive.

“I have heard young people say it has been the best day of their lives.”

CAPTION: It’s a Harry Potter Day at Dudey Zoo:?Students from Aldridge School, Walsall, with organiser Viv Russell (from left) James Bennett Arshid Abbaszadeb, Jack Burton, Esther Miles, Lauren Tompkins, Michelle Tabassum, Adam Robinson and Adam Kalias.


* Well done Viv on your Outstanding Teacher Award – congratulations from all at DZG!