Harrison’s animal crazy!

Animal crazy three-year-old Harrison Clarke travels from Newcastle under Lyme at least twice every month to say hello to his favourite species at DZG – and spend his pocket money on Safari Shop cuddlies!


Mum, Kellie Amos Clarke, said: “Last year we must have visited around 30 times and each time we end up in the shop whereby he gains another animal!    “He has a vast collection and truly loves DZG; he knows his way around and, with his Nanny, has drawn the entire zoo on paper and coloured it in!”    She added:?”At mealtimes we have to have all of Harrison’s animals set out on the table, so they can be fed, too! ”   Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Harrison is one of our smallest, but biggest, supporters and we love seeing him on site, it looks like mum may need to get a bigger sofa as the collection grows!”