Harrison meets Toby

An animal mad little boy who loves visiting DZG got to say hello to his favourite species during a special meet and greet.

Three-year-old Harrison Clarke regularly travels from Newcastle under Lyme to see the animals with his family, who are season ticket holders, and to spend his pocket money on a new soft toy from the Safari Shop.


When keepers heard about his impressive collection of cuddly creatures they invited him to feed his favourite animal and Harrison chose to meet our African spurred tortoises.

Harrison, along with his mum, Kellie Amos Clarke, met Toby and helped senior keeper, Laura Robbins feed him some tasty lettuce leaf treats.

dzg_harrison_clarke_2Harrison’s mum, Kellie, said: “It was a great experience – thank you DZG.

“Harrison has been so excited – he asked every day if it was zoo day and was up and ready at 6.10am the day of our visit.

“He’s absolutely animal mad and knows all the different species of animal and tells me off if I get them wrong.

“I definitely think he will become a zoo keeper when he’s older.”

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Harrison and is family are regulars on site and he always wants to learn more about the animals, particularly his favourite species.

“Every time he visits he buys a cuddly toy from the gift shop and his collection is now almost as big as ours!”