Happy Year of the Dog!

It’s Chinese New Year and we’re celebrating the Year of the Dog with Diallo, Ochi, Gamba and Subira.

To mark the occasion, keepers treated our four African wild dog siblings to some fun-filled themed enrichment boxes stuffed full of tantalising treats, as well as decorating the enclosure with colourful Chinese paper lanterns, which the dogs wasted no time in pulling down and ripping to shreds.

Listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List, wild dogs who are also known as painted dogs because of their black, brown, yellow and white mottled fur, are threatened by habitat destruction as well as being killed by farmers and it’s estimated there are less than 7,000 remaining in the wild.

And we’ve recently received news from Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe, who DZG have been keen supporters of over the last few years, how whole packs of dogs are succumbing to an ongoing outbreak of rabies.

As well as our African dogs, we also have three bush dog sisters here at DZG, Scarlet, Ruby and Rioja, who are listed as Near Threatened.

Come and learn more about our dogs during the Year of the Dog and remember if you visit us before the end of the month, all full-paying visitors get a free return ticket to come back and see us, which is valid until July 31.