Happy New Year to All!

What a wonderful year it’s been  . . . major investment throughout 2013 brought substantial changes to DZG and work is set to continue with a range of exciting New Year plans.

dzg_2014_promo_0CEO? Peter Suddock said:?”The investment and changes have enhanced our visitor experience and alongside   celebrating the successes of the past 12 months we have some very interesting plans rolling out across the site.

“We have grown visitor numbers by an amazing 100,000 in just eight years, which is an incredible achievement in today’s economic climate, and this year we reached the quarter of a million mark – that’s 250,000 visitors through the gates.

“Staff have worked hard and shown commitment and dedication to the business; we are constantly complimented on their friendliness and professionalism.   “We have seen a massive growth within website and social media activity and topped 30,000 likes on Facebook in less than two years, which is a phenomenal rate, and we are the only zoo in the world to offer daily web news.    “This has enabled us to connect to the virtual world and create a fast-growing global community which takes us from local and national level to an international platform.”   Recent boosts to the animal collection and the creation of bespoke enclosures for some of the world’s rarest species, including Gelada Baboons on the Bank, are rapidly featuring among our top exhibits.   Mr Suddock added:?”Primate numbers are up, as are bird species, and we’re very proud of new Sumatran male tiger, Joao, a mate for our beautiful female, Daseep. She is one of the most important big cats in the world and it is vital her bloodline continues.    “There are now estimated to be as few as 300 Sumatran tigers in the wild and it will be a major conservation project for us with this critically endangered sub-species.”   He said:?”We’ve had a brilliant year and I’d like to say a huge thanks from all at DZG to everyone who has visited us throughout that time; your continued support is valued and we look forward to a busy and successful 2014 together.”  

Happy New Year from all at Dudley Zoological Gardens!


Trainee keepers Shaun Crompton and Jade Reddall enlist the help of a cheeky Saki monkey to welcome in the New Year!