Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you’ve all remembered to get a gorgeous pressie for your mum today – it’s HER special Sunday and us kids have to be well behaved and nice all day.

CAL-p3-sprout-webMy mum, Jazz, has had a very busy 12 months. This time last year I wasn’t even born and she wasn’t a mummy, so she’s really looking forward to her first Mother’s Day.

I got her such a cool pressie, thanks to my friends in Marketing.

They put together a special adoption package so all our favourite visitors to the zoo could adopt her, and lots of photographs and certificates have been emailed out throughout the week, so it must have worked really well!

Today Mum and me are going to spend some time together cosied up in our den before I go outside to play and meet the visitors. 

And I’ve promised to stop blowing raspberries – see Wednesday’s ZooNooz story – because mum doesn’t like that, she says it reminds her too much of my dad!!

See you soon,

Sprout X


* Young visitors can join a special Mum’s Day trail around the site today in a quest to match up pictures of our baby animals with their mums – enjoy the fun!