Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and our newest mum, Lyra the giant anteater, is also not impressed about today’s clock change, meaning she loses an hour’s much-needed sleep on her special day!

And to top it off, little Gizmo has recently found their feet, meaning mum isn’t getting much peace as the two month-old scuttles around their den as they begin gaining more independence – how many parents can relate?!


If you’re visiting us today with your mum, make sure you say hello to all of our mothers, we’ve got a large variety who come in all shapes and sizes including Evita and Valentine the Colombian black spider monkeys, Tana, Jimma and Addis our geladas, Fergie the Bactrain camel, Phoebe the ring-tailed lemur, Josie the giraffe and Jazz the orangutan amongst others.


A very Happy Mothering Sunday to all you wonderful mums!


**And if you need a last-minute gift, don’t forget our forthcoming cinema nights, when we’re screening Pretty Woman and Pulp Fiction in the castle grounds. Tickets cost £12.50 each and are available on our website.**