Happy First Birthday, Sprout!

Hi Fans, it’s my very first birthday today and I can’t wait to see everyone. I know lots of you have promised to come along to see me on my big day and I’m really quite excited.

DZG-sprout12-webIt’s been a very busy 12 months for me and my mum, Jazz. I’m her first baby so she had to learn how to look after me, and I got to learn lots of interesting stuff. 

Like how to eat properly. That was tricky to start with but I’m quite good at it now, although I can’t manage big bites like mum. My teeth have helped a lot, but they look so funny when I open my mouth, I think they’re too big for me!

I’m also learning how to walk without mum’s help. It’s going to take ages before I can move about like mum does, but she always gives me a ride on her back and a big cuddle when I get tired.

The keepers say they can’t believe how quickly the past year has flown but they are pleased with my progress and say I’m growing up just as a baby Bornean orang utan should.

And they’ll all be popping in later to say happy birthday and bring a few treats – can’t wait!

DZG-sprout12-webSee you all soon 

Sprout X (aged 1)                                                          

Just look at those teeth!!




CAPTION: Head of Upper Primates, Pat Stevens with my birthday cake, made out of yummy orang utan mix, baby food and grape and carrot decorations – roll on teatime!!