Happy First Birthday, Kito!

Celebrating our baby giraffe’s first birthday was a piece of cake for Ungulates keepers who rustled up a homemade veggie treat for Kito to share with his Rothschild’s family!


  dzg_kito_birthday_3_webTeam Leader, Jay Haywood said: “We made a special cake using beets which we will be handing out to Kito, mum Mia, dad Kubwa and auntie Josie later today.   “Kito is a really popular boy and has lots of adopters – we can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone, it certainly doesn’t seem 12 months ago that we were waiting for him to be born and now here he is celebrating his first birthday!”   Rothschild’s are the world’s rarest sub-species of giraffe, originating from Uganda and west central Kenya, and the name Kito means precious in Swahili.   The gestation period for a giraffe is 460 days – an incredible 15-month pregnancy – and each youngster is born with a unique coat pattern, like a fingerprint.   

See Kito’s birthday celebrations in our video below . . .