Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day and here at DZG we’re always looking at ways of doing things that don’t cost the earth!

As the international awareness day celebrates the planet and focuses on the environmental issues it faces, our animals got to grips with paper planets of their own.

Senior Keeper Stacey Evans and her daughter Lilly recycled newspaper to make papier mâché globes which were filled with treats for our meerkats, Azara’s agouti, kangaroos and Carpathian lynx.

The enrichment activity, which saw the Azara’s agouti and kangaroos dig in to leaves and branches, the meerkats scour the earth for mealworms and the lynx track down curry powder, was a fun way to share the Earth Day message with visitors and encourage them to become greener.

At DZG everything is reused and recycled across our 40-acre site – waste from our animals, offices and restaurant is all put to good use.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson said: “To protect the earth for generations to come, we need to take action now and even simple changes can make a huge difference.

“At the zoo, all old animal bedding and waste is turned into compost and cardboard boxes and plastic bottles are used for animal enrichment or recycled.

“Any trees which are cut down are used as food or climbing frames for animals or turned into woodchip for enclosures and pathways.

“Leftover fats and oils used in the restaurant are used to create biofuels to run vehicles and the cutlery, made from plant starch, is completely compostable and breaks down in soil after just a few weeks.”

How will you go greener???