Happy Dad’s Day!

A very Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there – and DZG has plenty of fabulous fathers to recognise today.

There’s Rothschild’s giraffe Kubwa (above) – first-time father to one-year-old Kito – who had a double cause for celebration, as it’s also World Giraffe Day. 

Our coppery titi monkeys 27-year-old Ross and six-year-old Frank, pictured right, were enjoying some father and son fun and games down in Monkey Tails. The pair came to us in February from Sweden as part of an international conservation programme and for us it was a primate premiere – the first time DZG has held the species in our 78-year history.

Then we have Bornean orang utan, Jorong, (pictured below) who is always kept busy by his loveable four-year-old daughter Sprout.

Lar gibbon dad-of-two Huggy, left, was relaxing with his three-year-old daughter Penny and new little son Indah, who was born in January. Upper Primates Senior Keeper Sophie Dugmore came up with the baby’s lovely name – which is Indonesian for ‘beautiful’.

If you would like to adopt any of our many fantastic fathers for YOUR dad please click here for details – funds raised via adoption support DZG’s ongoing conservation programmes for some of the world’s rarest animals.

Meanwhile snow leopard dad, Margaash, (pictured below) was taking it easy while mum, Nanga, looked after their mischievous one-year-old, Makalu.

Have an amazing day, guys!