Happy Birthday, Storm!

Our oldest reindeer, Storm, celebrates her 16th birthday today!


Keeper, Jo Turner, said: “Storm is probably the most timid reindeer out of the whole herd. She’s the last to go out in a morning and the last to come in at night.

“She currently has two offspring in the herd with her, nine-month-old Acer and two-year-old Holly and she’s a really good mum to them.

“As it’s her special day today, I’ll make sure she gets an extra helping of flaked maize this evening and a big, comfy straw bed tonight, as it’s cold and she’s an old reindeer now.”

Reindeers can live up to 20-years-old in captivity and up to 15-years in the wild. 

The reindeer herd have also recently started their annual fur and antler moult, which is why Storm is pictured with just one!

Many of the group have already lost the velvety layering on their antlers and some have even dropped off entirely, ready to grow back again in a few months.