Happy Birthday, Pingu!

There are celebrations in Penguin Bay today to mark the birthday of DZG’s oldest Humboldt penguin.

dzg_pingu_bday_4Staff delivered birthday messages from adopters this morning for 22-year-old Pingu and treated him and his large family to a delicious fishy breakfast – here’s keeper Ben Vanes with just one of the cards.

Pingu was one of just five penguins which started DZG’s hugely successful breeding programme back in 1991 and today he is the great, great, great, great, great grandfather of our 70-strong colony – one of the largest in Europe.

Our parent-reared birds have also help start Humboldt colonies at other wildlife attractions across the UK, with two females and a male flying the nest to Birdland Park and Gardens last month.

Celebrations will continue tomorrow to mark World Penguin Day.

The annual event falls on April 25 to coincide with the annual northern migration of penguins.




If you’re visiting DZG over the next few days make sure you stop by the walkthrough exhibit to see Pingu and learn more about our colony during our daily 3pm penguin talk and feed.