Happy Birthday, Mia!

There is plenty to celebrate down at DZG’s giraffe paddock at the moment.

Not only has Mia just become a mum to nine-day-old baby Kito, but today’s also her 10th birthday!


Keeper, Jo Turner, pictured above, said: “Mia’s had an eventful few weeks, but has settled into her new role as a mum brilliantly.

“She’s very protective over Kito but is letting him explore his new surroundings on his own.  

“She’s had some lovely birthday cards delivered this morning from some of her adopters and we’ll make sure she gets lots of fuss and a few extra crunchy branches today as well as her favourite treat – a health boosting apple flavoured mineral block, which she’ll love licking throughout the day.”

See Mia being fed some of her birthday treats and discover more about our Rothschild’s during the daily giraffe talk at 12.45pm.