Happy Birthday, Margaash!

We’re wishing our handsome snow leopard, Margaash, a very happy sixth birthday today – and treated him to an extra long lie-in for his special day!

web_margaash_4Big cat keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “Margaash is a very laid back snow leopard who loves his bed!

“He’ll often prefer to stay snuggled up inside in a morning, so today we let him have an extra lie-in indoors in the peace and quiet, while Makalu and Nanga were outside.”

When not inside, Margaash’s favourite siesta spot is the platform in the top left hand corner of the enclosure, where he can often be spotted watching the world go by.

Sarah added: “Keepers love Margaash because of his chilled nature. He’s a lovely leopard and a fantastic dad, who is always willing to play games with Makalu, especially stalking each other, which seems to be their favourite pastime!”

Happy Birthday, Margaash – we hear you’re going to get your favourite quail tea tonight, too!


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