Happy Birthday, Kyra!

Big Cat Keepers laid on a meaty treasure hunt for Asiatic lioness Kyra to mark her ninth birthday.


Hunting for treasure – Kyra goes in search of her birthday present

The birthday girl enjoyed exploring the one-acre Lion Ridge paddock she shares with her eight-year-old sister Asha and went in search of extra pieces of meat.

DZG Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “We planted pieces of meat around the paddock for Kyra to find on her special day and she seemed to enjoy her birthday treasure hunt.

“It was also something that her sister Asha could join in, so they shared the meaty treats between them.”


Nine today – Kyra’s treasure hunt was a roaring success!

The pair were both born in Edinburgh and were then moved to Twycross Zoo before arriving at DZG on 17th November, 2009.

Asiatic lions are among the rarest animals on the planet, with fewer than 500 in the world, of which 300 are in zoos and wildlife parks.