Happy birthday, Kyra!

It’s Kyra’s birthday and our beautiful Asiatic lioness is 11 today!

If you’re visiting the zoo, make sure you stop by Lion Ridge and wish her many happy returns!

And why not treat the birthday girl to some goodies from our Amazon Wishlist?

The list, which can be FOUND HERE, is full of useful items we can use as enrichment for our animals. You purchase them and we’ll receive directly through the post.

Our three lions love playing with heavy-duty balls in their one-acre enclosure, so why not consider sending Kyra a boomer ball or even some tantalising herbs and spices for the trio to sniff out?

Asiatic lions are among the rarest animals on the planet, with only a few hundred left in the wild. They are only found in the Gir Forest in India, which is an area that is smaller than Greater London.