Happy Birthday, Josie

It’s celebration time for DZG’s Rothschild giraffe, Josie, who marks her fourth birthday today.

girsffe_birthday_003_webKeepers will be making sure Josie has lots of birthday treats throughout the day – come and say hello to her if you’re on site.

The subspecies, named after zoologist Lord Walter Rothschild, originates from Uganda and west-central Kenya and is easily distinguished by a coat of ragged brown patches separated by lighter coloured hair; each giraffe has a unique coat pattern. 


CAPTION: Trainee keeper Jo Turner with female Rothschild giraffe, Josie, who celebrates her fourth birthday today.





A giraffe’s neck can grow up to 2metres in length and has seven neck bones – the same as humans.

Giraffes can gallop at up to 56 kilometres per hour to avoid predators!

Each giraffe has a unique coat pattern, rather like a fingerprint.