Happy Birthday, Chico!

The big daddy of our Brazilian tapir family is 10 years-old today.

dzg_chico_bdayHe’ll be spending the day out and about in the South American paddock with his offspring Ronnie and little Tallulah.

But he’ll also be keeping a close eye on our female, Meena, who is expecting a new baby any day now – so watch this space!



Ssssh! Please don’t wake the babies . . .

dzg_chico_bdayAfter a busy day spent running around and playing together in the paddock, our worn out capybara and tapir youngsters were snapped snuggled up asleep together in their internal enclosure.

One year-old Brazilian tapir, Tallulah, provided the perfect pillow for little Pecan and her three newborn siblings.

The newest arrivals to the paddock were born last month to mum, Peanut and dad, Pumpkin but have yet to be named and sexed by keepers.