Happy Birthday brothers!

Collared lemurs Fred and Barney’s eyes lit up when they were offered a rare fruity treat to mark their 14th birthday today.


webbirthdaylemursAnd the brothers shared the small slices of banana with their younger sibling Egor, who turns 13 tomorrow. The excited trio were given the special present by apprentice keeper Leigha Tedd, pictured above.

Upper Primates Section Leader Pat Stevens said the three brothers came to in Lemur Wood when it first opened in 2005 and were thriving on a vegetable-based diet.

She said “The collared lemurs don’t get to eat fruit so the small pieces of banana the boys were given for their birthdays is a real treat.

“We first tried them on a veg-based diet about four years ago and found it really suited them. They are lovely and healthy, their coats are in great condition and they have good temperaments.”

Birthday boy Barney, pictured right, grabs his banana and runs after getting the special treat for turning 14.


Collared lemurs are excellent jumpers, moving from tree to tree with ease and use their tail for balance when needed

A lemur’s tail is usually longer than its body