Happy Birthday, Benji!

What do you get a Bornean orang utan for his 37th birthday? 


As it’s Benji’s big day a new bread crate is definitely top of the gift list!

Upper Primates Keeper, Zoe Taylor, said “When it came to thinking of present ideas for Benji, there was only one option – a new crate!

“Benji loves bread crates and takes them with him wherever he goes.

“He places it upright and sits on it to see us through the den door; he’ll take it outside with him and back inside to bed each night and sits in it in the viewing window to watch visitors, even though the one he’s got is all misshapen now he still won’t be without it.  

“The hardest part will be trying to swop them over, but hopefully he’ll appreciate a shiny new one to get his hands on!”

Bornean orangs typically live up to 35 years-old in the wild, but can live up to 60 in captivity.