Happy 25th, Charlie!

Blue and gold macaw, Charlie, had a fun-filled day of celebrations as she turned 25.


A special scone, presents, a Sunday stroll and a rendition of Happy Birthday were all on the agenda as the popular parrot reached a quarter of a century.

Presenter Dorrie Hall said staff and visitors would be making extra fuss of Charlie throughout the day.

She said: “I’ve baked her a special parrot scone with nuts, sultanas and topped with banana, seed and more nuts.

“The presentation team members have bought her gifts which we’ve wrapped as Charlie loves to destroy things using her powerful beak.


“She’ll also be going on a special birthday walk around the Castle courtyard as it’s one of her favourite places to visit on site.”


ABOVE: Make a wish – Charlie is served up a special scone from Presenter Dorrie Hall. RIGHT – Charlie will get plenty of attention on a birthday stroll around the Castle Courtyard with Dorrie.

Dorrie added: “Come and see Charlie in our Discovery Centre, she sits out in our Savannah Room which doubles as our birthday party room.

“When the children have their birthday in there today, I’m sure they will sing Happy Birthday to the 25-year-old birthday girl too!”

Have a wonderful day, Charlie!


The blue and gold macaw has been recorded flying at 55 kph

A macaw’s beak can exert a pressure 35-50 kilogram-force/square centimetre