Happiness is . . .

Listen up, everyone,

dzg_jorong_webI’m in trouble with primate keepers for looking grumpy.

Apparently a visitor told staff that unlike the ever-happy Jazz, Sprout and Benji, I looked morose.

Morose? Me?? HOW DARE THEY!!

I’d like to remind you all that I’m the alpha male Bornean orang utan around here and it’s a responsible role.

it’s not all lying around on five inches of freshly laid homegrown woodchip waiting for someone to toss me an organic grape.

It’s also midwinter, the weather’s awful and my missus and one-year-old nipper are moaning about not being able to play out in the rain.

We great apes aren’t renowned for our facial expressions, we don’t get smiley like humans when we see a camera.

But there are some things that make me very happy, like a bottle of my favourite tipple and a bit of peace and quiet – come to think of it, perhaps we ARE a lot like human alpha males!

Say hello when you’re on site.



Primate keepers can now cook up tasty treats for Jorong, Jazz, Sprout and Benji after a mini oven was installed in the orangs’ food preparation room.

Trainee keeper, Stephanie Sawyer, said: “We use the oven to cook onions, potatoes and carrots for the orangs. They really like them warm, especially in the cold weather.

“We used to give them baked potatoes cooked in the microwave, but they are much tastier done in the oven.”