Hannah lands dream job

Animal crazy teenager Hannah Follows has scooped her dream job at DZG.

DZG-dream-job-2-webThe 16-year-old, who adopted her favourite species at DZG when she was still at primary school, completed both Little Keeper and Adult Keeper for a Day experiences and also did work placement two years ago, is now the site’s youngest apprentice keeper.

Hannah said: “My job is really amazing, I love it. The best bit when animals start to trust you, and learning to trust them so you can get nearer for cleaning and feeding.”

It’s a well-trodden apprentice route as former Ellowes Hall School pupil Hannah follows in the footsteps of fellow keeper, 23-year-old Laura Robbins, whose career path is almost identical.

Laura started working at the zoo on her sixteenth birthday after several years of adopting and volunteering on site and is now using her seven years’ experience to mentor Hannah.

DZG-dream-job-2-webLaura said: “Hannah is doing really well; when I first saw her she looked familiar, but I couldn’t think why – then I remembered she had helped me with the alpacas during her first adult Keeper For a Day experience when she was just 14.

“She’s really enthusiastic about the job and we wish her well and will all be on hand to help her throughout her training.”

CAPTIONS: DZG trainee keeper Hannah Follows with Senior Keeper, and mentor, Laura Robbins and African spurred tortoises.

Schoolgirl Hannah, at 14, helps keeper Laura with alpacas during her Keeper for a Day experience.