Hania’s brilliant birthday


Hania Knox had a brilliant birthday when she worked with some of the world’s rarest animals at DZG.

Hania was treated to a Keeper for a Day experience for Christmas by her husband, Malcolm, but decided to use her voucher on her birthday for a day to remember!

Hania, from Rugby, said: “It was an absolutely fantastic experience and from start to finish I had a fun-filled day and felt like royalty.

“The keepers are so warm and friendly and they were so eager to make sure that I got the most out of my day. I was escorted around the different areas by six keepers who explained about their roles and the animals they look after and it’s quite obvious that they are so passionate about them.”

During her day Hania fed meaty treats to the site’s snow leopards and Sumatran tigers, tickled tapirs and met some cheeky capybaras, before feeding the giraffes and being bombarded by the Lemur Wood boys.

She also had the opportunity to hand out mid-morning drinks to the chimpanzees and orang utans before appearing in the Go Wild! Show with DZG’s presenters and taking part in the penguin feed where she met one of the colony’s hand-reared Humboldts.

Hania added: “I was sad to go home at the end of the experience and I had a permanent grin plastered on my face well into late evening.

“I will definitely do this again as I thoroughly loved the whole day. It was worth every penny of my husband’s money!”