Halloween pumpkin playtime

Spooky carved Halloween treats didn’t scare DZG’s exotic animals who have been enjoying pumpkin playtime.

Many of our species, from little Lumos the albino pygmy hedgehog, to our cotton-top tamarin and rainbow lorikeets have been tucking into the seasonal hollowed-out vegetables which staff filled with favourite foods.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood, said: “The Halloween treats, which we recycled from our half term Hocus Pocus events, are great enrichment as it encourages our animals to hunt out their food and use the pumpkins or an apple if you’re a pygmy hedgehog or roul roul partridge as a toy.

“Some pumpkins are filled with treats, while others are chopped up into pieces and enjoyed across the site.”

Keepers use enrichment with the animals on a daily basis as it stimulates and encourages their natural behaviours.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Watch some of our species in the video below enjoy their pumpkins!