Grrreat to be eight!

Our snow leopard Margaash couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into birthday treats at his newly-extended enclosure.

The handsome male is eight today and loves nothing more than exploring the extensive enclosure he shares with Taïga and playing with scratching posts. This stunning shot of the birthday boy was taken by our Customer Services Team Member, Sarah Holt.

The £50,000 extension, which incorporates the bank’s established foliage and newly planted donated trees, was completed in February and has increased the size of the enclosure by around 60 per cent.

Senior Big Cat Keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “Margaash is a lovely leopard and, like all our big cats, loves playing with the heavy duty rope we wrap around wooden posts in the enclosure.

“It’s great fun for him but good exercise too. We also spray the rope with different scents and he uses it to keep his claws sharp at the same time.”

Here’s to you birthday boy, Margaash!