A grrr-eat amount for lions

We had a roarsome World Lion Day as visitors helped us raise a fantastic £663.83.

Huge thanks to everyone who visited us at Lion Ridge on August 10 as we raised awareness of the threats Asiatic lions face.

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans and Trainee Keeper Adam Davey manned an information stand throughout the day, where visitors were able to find out more about the majestic species, of which there are less than 300 surviving in the wild who are restricted to the Gir Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in Western India.


As well as a display and biofacts, we raised funds through face painting, sales of dress up tails and ears and a raffle for a 12-month adoption of one of our three lions – with £374.83 donated in our bucket.

The winner was 11 year-old Madison Warren, from West Bromwich, pictured with her friend, Farah Anderson, who not only chose to adopt our 11 year-old lioness, Kyra, but also went home with one of our popular Jetpur chenille cushions.

We also boosted the final total with sales of nectar sold in Lorikeet Lookout on the day, which came in at £289, which we’ll be sending to lion conservation projects.

Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “It was a brilliant day and we spoke to lots of visitors as we highlighted the plight of lions.

“A big thank you to everyone who helped us raise such a fabulous amount.”