Gravel keeps feet neat!

DZG’s three giraffes are keeping their feet neat following a fresh delivery of gravel.

Keepers have spread 40 tonnes of gravel across the 40-acre site, adding it into the giraffe and reindeer paddock as well as down on the farm.

But the loose chippings have an important use for our long-legged ungulates as it helps naturally wear their hooves down and prevents veterinary treatment.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood, said: “We make sure we always keep a deep layer of gravel in the giraffe paddock so it keeps their hooves in a good condition.

“The gravel starts working on the hooves within hours and the giraffes don’t even realise anything’s happening to them.”

Keepers are also working with the giraffes as they aim to carry out regular foot checks.

Through regular training, staff are encouraging Kubwa, Josie and Kito to pick up their feet, which they’ll eventually be able to place on a raised block for inspection.