Grape expectation!

A juicy donation from Tricia Chevin, of Shropshire, has been eagerly shared across site, with primates and birds enjoying a taste of surplus grapes from her greenhouse vine.

Tricia, of Dallicote, said: “We’ve had a bumper crop this year and were only too pleased to pass some of the bunches on to DZG.”

Thanks, Tricia, much appreciated by four legs and feathers including red pandas, sakis, spider monkeys, lemurs, chimps and macaws!

dzg_grapes1_web   dzg_grapes1_web

Thanks a bunch: black and white ruffed lemur, Yoda gets set for a grape lunch while ring-tailed lemur Percy can’t wait to get his hands on the treats.

dzg_grapes1_web   dzg_grapes1_web

A male saki samples the fruit in Monkey Tails.

dzg_grapes1_web dzg_grapes1_web

Grape ape: chimps enjoy the sweet treats while blue and gold macaw, Charlie is set for a scrumptious snack.