Granville made Paul’s day!

A visit to see our great grey owl Granville was the perfect 50th birthday present for a Cradley Heath man who has adopted the bird for 12 years.

Paul Wright was surprised with the trip to DZG by his American fiancée Angela Messer who flew in from the States to join him on the zoo visit for his milestone birthday.

Nurse Angela, aged 48, booked the zoo tickets from her North Carolina home as she knew Granville was so special to Paul.

She said: “I was trying to come up with ideas for Paul’s 50th birthday and knew how much Granville meant to him. I thought a surprise visit to see the owl he has adopted for so long would be something different and memorable.”

Paul said: “Seeing Granville for my birthday has made my day. It was a lovely thing for Angela to organise.

“Granville had just arrived at Dudley when I was visiting around 12 years ago and I was staring at him and he stared back. I loved his name and I instantly loved him. I have adopted him ever since.”

Angela and Paul met online four years ago and plan on getting married next June. She hopes to move to Cradley Heath and find work over here as a nurse.