Gorgeous Grace!

We’ll have to let Santa know we have another addition to his DZC gift list as we’ve welcomed a female Arctic Fox to pair with our male, Tommy!

Continuing with the Peaky Blinders theme, the seven-month-old has been named Grace by keepers – the first wife of character, Tommy, in the hit TV show.
Grace joined us last week from Opel Zoo in Germany as part of a breeding programme and the two have been getting to know each other over the last few days.
Curator Richard Brown, said: “Grace arrived on Thursday evening and was introduced to Tommy on Friday and she’s settling in well.
“The breeding season is typically from January to March, so we have our fingers crossed for baby Arctic foxes in the not-too-distant future!”
Did you know, a female can potentially give birth to up to 14 pups, although a usual size is around five.