Gorgeous Gizmo!

Say hello to GIZMO, our newly-named baby giant anteater pup!

We still don’t know whether the seven-week-old is a boy or girl yet, but the baby is making tremendous progress and is growing quickly!

Lots of visitors have already been lucky enough to glimpse Gizmo snuggled on mum, Lyra’s back over the last few weeks, but keepers recommend heading to the anteater enclosure around 2.30pm on a nice day, as Lyra is tending to bring her newborn outside into the paddock for a stroll in the sunshine during the afternoon!

We’re celebrating our newest mum and baby by offering a special joint adoption package – which could make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!
The limited-edition package includes a gorgeous photo of Lyra and Gizmo, a factsheet, certificate, a zoo admission ticket to come and visit the pair and a voucher to redeem in the Safari Shop for a cuddly anteater teddy.
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