Gorgeous Gary

Primate keepers have discovered our gorgeous lar gibbon baby is a boy and have called him Gary.

And our twin ring-tailed lemurs, who were born just four days after Gary, have been given unisex names Sulu and Sarek, as they have not yet been sexed.

The lar gibbon and ring-tailed lemurs, which are both classed as endangered in the wild, were born on March 14 and March 18 respectively.

Gary is the third baby to mum Meo and dad Huggy. Their other offspring are six-year-old Penny and three-year-old Indah.

The twin ring-tailed lemurs are the 13th and 14th babies born at DZG from mum Phoebe and their dad is Frank.

Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “Keepers agreed on the names Gary, Sulu and Sarek. All three are coming along nicely, feeding well and have been very popular with our visitors.”

Follow our new ‘Zoo baby here’ signs to find our little ones!