Golden time at DZG!

Best pals Emma Lewis and Sarah Barnes, from Wombourne, had plenty to talk about after becoming Little Zoo Keepers for a Day at DZG.


The nine-year-olds couldn’t wait to go back to Westfield Community Primary School to take part in a session called Golden Time – when pupils tell their friends about things they’ve done outside school.

The girls took their DZG goody bags into class and talked about their time feeding penguins, pictured above, and tickling tapirs.

Emma’s mum Paula said: “Emma is obsessed with animals so this was a great present for her 9th birthday and she wanted to share it with her best friend Sarah.

“Emma wants to be a zoo keeper and I wondered if the day may put her off a little but she is now more determined than ever.

“Her favourite part was tickling the tapirs’ tummies and she couldn’t believe how close they could get to the animals.”

She said Sarah, pictured right, had also loved it and spent half an hour on the phone telling her auntie all about the day in great detail.