Going batty for Hallowe’en

We’ve had some timely births in the bat enclosure just in time for Hallowe’en!

Egyptian bat baby

This Egyptian fruit bat is just a few days old and is one of four newborns who can be spotted tucked up on their mums in the Castle Creatures exhibit throughout half term, which features approximately 80 Egyptian fruit and Seba’s short-tailed bats.

Trainee keeper, Cara Sheldon, said: “All mums and babies are doing well.

“The youngsters will remain under their mum’s wing for a few weeks yet for feeding and cleaning and we’ll expect them to begin flying at around ten weeks old.”

And today’s the first day of our family-fun Freak Week at DZG, when visitors will be able to get close to some of the rarest and scariest animals in the world with our extended talk and feed programme.

Plus, come face-to-face with creepy critters in our Ghoulish Go Wild! Show running twice a day.


Make sure you join our presenters outside the relevant animal enclosures…


11.30am    Ghoulish Go Wild! Show – Go Wild! Theatre

12.15pm    Sealions

12.30pm    Otters

12.45pm    Giraffes

1pm           Tigers

2.15pm      Ghoulish Go Wild! Show – Go Wild! Theatre

2.45pm      Sealions

3pm           Penguins

3.15pm      Meerkats

3.30pm      Ghost Walk – meet in the Castle Courtyard