Going ape on Hallowe’en!

Bornean orang mum Jazz and her spirited youngster Sprout have been having a spooktacular time this Hallowe’en!


BOO! – Scared you! Jazz perfects her ghost impression

Twenty-three-year-old Jazz used a sheet she plays with to pretend to be a ghost and it seems her playful daughter Sprout picked up a few tips in the art of spooking DZG visitors.

It wasn’t long before the mischievous four-year-old made her own fang-tastic Hallowe’en costume!

ABOVE – Did I scare you Mum? Thanks to visitor Phillip Collett for this wonderful picture of scary Sprout!

Upper Primates Team Leader Pat Stevens said: “Jazz loves putting things on her head, whether it’s fabric or cardboard, and it seems Sprout is following in her footsteps.”

Trick or treat!

Many of our animals have been in for a Hallowe’en treat today – thanks to a generous gardener’s glut of pumpkins.

The homegrown delivery from gardener John Jordan was shared out around the zoo and the pumpkins proved very popular with our saki monkeys, shown above, in Monkey Tails.

John, pictured above, brought a pile of pumpkins, some marrows and sweetcorn to the zoo which were left over after he harvested his Cradley Heath allotment.

This is the second delivery from the kind-hearted pensioner who gave our animals 20 cabbages, two pumpkins, a dozen marrows and several swedes last month.

Animal-lover John said: “I had plenty of pumpkins left over and thought the zoo would be able to share them out and give the animals a Hallowe’en feast.”