Going ape for pressies!

Bornean orangs Jazz and four-year-old daughter Sprout had piles of fun when keepers delivered some early Christmas treats for the pair.


ABOVE – Surprises go down a treat with young Sprout and mum Jazz

Upper Primates keepers wrapped primate pellets, sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetables into coloured tissue paper parcels and left them for the mum and daughter to discover.

Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner said Jazz and Sprout had a great time opening the presents.


ABOVE – It’s all mine… Sprout keeps a tight hold on her treats

She said: “The parcels are a great treat for the orangs as they get the element of surprise, something nice to eat and can then play with the tissue paper after they’ve eaten.

“We do the same activity with the males Jorong and Benji too but Sprout is the one who likes it the most. It’s lovely to see them opening the treats.”

Not long to wait now – eight more sleeps and the unwrapping can begin!