Global Tiger Day success

We had a fantastic time celebrating Global Tiger Day with 2,600 visitors.

We raised £324 in funds alongside priceless awareness for tigers in the wild, where there are less than 3,500 surviving, which includes 300-400 Sumatrans just like our two-year-old Joao and beautiful three-year-old tigress,Daseep – the chosen face this year’s international campaign.

And our popular pair played a huge role throughout the day in helping spread the important conservation message to visitors to help raise awareness of the current threats facing tigers in the wild.


DZG Assistant Curator, Richard Brown and Customer Services Team Member, Harriette Westwood, sample the QM Oak Kitchen’s tiger-themed cakes.


CEO Peter Suddock, said: “It is a shocking fact how few tigers are left in the wild and that they are facing possible extinction.

“Although we had fun during the day, there was a serious message behind the event, as we need to make a difference to secure their future survival.”

During the day tiger onesie-wearing staff were kept busy painting tiger faces on hundreds of young visitors while QM Oak Kitchen staff served up trays of tiger cakes and paw-shaped cookies.

I’m a tiger:  Sarah Heaven, aged five, from Smethwick. 


Wild thing: DZG Keeper, Chris Leeson,helps Evie Addison, aged seven, from Sedgley create a mask!

web_dzg_tiger_cakes_4Visitors were also able to learn more about tiger conservation in the Discovery Centre, where some really wild arts and crafts activities, including tiger mask making, took place.

And one lucky girl – seven-year-old Sophie Lloyd-Lucas from Studley, Warwickshire – pictured right, with brother, Henry, aged four – took home an extra large tiger cuddly after winning the raffle. 

Mr Suddock added: “It was a really successful day and through our two tiger talks and different activities taking place around the site we were able to speak directly to visitors about the plight of tigers.  

“DZG staff got into the spirit of the occasion by wearing tiger onesies or having their faces painted with tiger stripes and everyone had a fabulous time spotting Daseep and Joao.”

DZG’s Customer Services Team wore their stripes with pride for Global Tiger Day. 



A grrreat big thank you to Midlands Today, Free Radio and BBC WM for telling tiger tales – here’s Daseep fan, Paul Wiggin talking about his favourite tiger!