Global Tiger Day

It’s Global Tiger Day and Daseep will be helping us celebrate her magnificent species, which is devastatingly critically endangered in the wild.

And this year’s awareness day is particularly significant as it’s also Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac calendar.

We’ll be holding an awareness event on site at the tiger enclosure TOMORROW when you can find out more about the threats tigers face in the wild, as well as helping us raise funds for WildCats Conservation Alliance – a charity which supports wild tigers and Amur leopards by getting your hands on special souvenirs. They’ll also be the opportunity to enter a raffle for a meet and greet experience with Daseep and Joao.

Come and earn your stripes tomorrow and join us in saving tigers!

Did you know…
Our two tigers are Sumatrans – the smallest sub-species and it is estimated there are only around 400 – 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.
Tigers are threatened through poaching, illegal logging, agricultural encroachment and deforestation.