Give us a lick!

Bactrian camels Charles and Jimandi can top up their mineral levels, thanks to the arrival of a salt lick.

dzg_camel_mineral_lick_3_web   Senior Keeper, Lesley Lewis – pictured – explained: “The licks help provide essential minerals that may be absent in the camels’ day to day diet and provide a helpful boost.”   The licks are replaced approximately every six months in the camels’ internal enclosure.   Originating from Mongolia and China the Bactrian camel inhabits wild and remote regions of the Gobi and Taklamaken deserts.   They are superbly adapted to desert life with a double row of extra-long eyelashes, hairs in their ears and nostrils that can close – all to prevent damage during sandstorms.   Large feet spread wide to allow them to travel efficiently through the sandy desert, and their thick woolly fur allows them to remain warm in -40°C winter temperatures.    Their two humps are used for storing fat which can be processed when food and water are scarce.