Giraffes turn over new leaf

Newly-sprouted branches on the site’s trees means our trio of rare Rothschild giraffes can begin snacking on fresh leaves again.

giraffes_rich_summer4Over the last few months, Kubwa, Mia and Josie have been eating leaves and branches cut from trees during autumn last year and stored in airtight containers over the winter months.

But with the trees now coming back into bud, keepers can now begin giving them fresh treats cut down each morning. 

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown – pictured with male Rothschild, Kubwa – said: “They love nothing better than crisp leaves and they will happily pick at the buds.

“We change the type of branches we give them so that it not only gives them a variety of tastes, but it also doesn’t mean we’re cutting down all the trees on site either!”