Giraffes have healthy eating licked!

Our giraffes have healthy eating licked – thanks to new apple-flavoured mineral blocks Keepers have added to their enclosure.


CAPTION: Keeper Adam Davey prepares to give our giraffes the tasty mineral treats

The salt licks, which are suspended in mesh cages inside the Giraffe House, provide a multi-mineral and trace element supplement for Rothschild’s giraffe dad Kubwa, mum Mia, one-year-old son Kito and auntie Josie.

The blocks also offer environmental enrichment by encouraging our giraffes to use their long tongues to access the treat.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “The licks are full of natural minerals and nutrients, and make up for anything which might be missing in their zoo diet but is available in the wild.

“Many animals at the zoo have salt licks including camels, tapirs, Barbary sheep and reindeer.

“The blocks substitute minerals which would be found naturally in stones, rocks and soil in the wild.

“When we put the new salt licks into the Giraffe House they absolutely loved them.”

Give us a lick! See our video of DZG’s giraffes enjoying their new mineral blocks below