Giraffes from new heights

Giraffe keepers have filmed our long-legged duo from new heights after attaching a camera to their feeding winch.

The fascinating footage shows DZG’s two gracious giraffes, 17-year-old Kubwa and nine-year-old female Josie, feasting on every last leaf from a huge branch hung up high in their paddock.

Keeper Josh Luxton said: “This is the first time we have ever filmed the giraffes from this angle and the pictures are brilliant.

“We sped up the footage to get it to just 36 secs as it took Kubwa and Josie about 15 minutes to finish eating their snack, which they devoured leaf by leaf.

“We were really pleased with the shots as they showed the pair from a completely different perspective and gave us an insight into the lives of our Dudley duo.”