Giraffes’ early Xmas delivery

DZG’s gardeners delivered an early Christmas present to our trio of Rothschild giraffes – a tractor load of crunchy tree branches!


The ash and sycamore trees were topped around the car parking area to allow more light but rather than turning them into woodchip for pathways across the site gardeners offered them up as tasty treats for Kubwa, Mia and Josie.

web_dzg_giraffe_leavesSenior Keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “We give branches to the giraffes every day, and this latest load from gardeners is a great help.

“We are also now beginning to stockpile the leaves as winter snacks for Kubwa, Josie and Mia, and will use the majority of the leaves for this purpose.”

Throughout the colder months our giraffes are given leaves which have been stored in airtight drums when their regular browse is unavailable.

TOP: Gardener Anthony Gwilt and Senior Keeper Sarah Evans unload the tractor load of felled tree branches.

LEFT: Ungulates Team Leader, Jay Haywood, packs the airtight barrels to keep the leaves fresh throughout winter.  





There will be celebrations in the giraffe house today and a few extra branches for Josie as it’s her fifth birthday!

Keeper Jay Haywood delivered birthday cards and tasty treats to her first thing this morning before letting the trio out into the paddock for the day.

If you’re on site today make sure you stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday  – she’ll love to see you!

Did you know…

Giraffes live 10 – 15 years in the wild but can live over 25 years in captivity.

A giraffe’s neck can grow up to 2 m. in length and has 7 neck bones which is the same as humans.

Each giraffe has a unique coat pattern, rather like a fingerprint.