Gimbi turns one!

Fallen autumn leaves provided ideal seasonal enrichment for gelada baboon, Gimbi’s first birthday party!

Using four bags of dry leaves collected from around the zoo site, keepers covered the gelada’s indoor den flooring and mixed in some of their favourite primate pellets before letting the seven primates in to explore.

Keeper, Jade Reddall, said:“The geladas spent ages foraging and Gimbi, in particular had great fun playing amongst the crisp leaves.

“We can’t believe he’s one already. He’s a lot like his oldest brother, Billie, was when he was a baby and is constantly tumbling down the hillside like he’s a little gymnast and he absolutely loves to do cartwheels!

“Although he’s a definite mummy’s boy and loves his cuddles with mum Jimma, like his other older brother, Ambo, so he’s a lovely mix of the two!”

Watch as the geladas enjoy the party and forage through the leaves, showcasing their shuffle gait movement, which is unique to the species!