Gifts from Germany

A German couple who’ve watched our tigress Daseep blossom since birth came to DZG to deliver gifts and an adorable baby snap.

Husband and wife Peter Kronenberger and Katni Heider, who fly into the zoo up to four times a year from their home near Frankfurt Zoo where Daseep was born, brought Marmite for the tiger and sweets and a Frankfurt Zoo postcard of Daseep for the keepers.

The kind-hearted couple, who both work for the airline Lufthansa, adopt seven-year-old Sumatran tigress Daseep and visit so often they have made friends with many of our keepers.

Daseep, who was rejected by her mother Malea, was hand-reared by keeper Kerstin Finze at Frankfurt Zoo and was only on show to the public for two hours a day for two months.

Peter and Katni visited baby Daseep every day before she was moved to Wuppertal Zoo, also in Germany.

When Daseep joined us at Dudley in February 2012, Peter and Katni came to visit her in the August when they adopted her and have been doing so ever since.

Katni said: “Daseep has a special place in our hearts and we feel we have a connection with her.

“She is so beautiful. I speak to her in German and I think she understands me! We love coming to visit her and seeing lots of the keepers, who have become our friends.”

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