Gibbons get spring spruce-up

Our family of Lar gibbons are learning the ropes after getting new webbing added to their enclosure as part of a spring spruce-up.


Senior Keeper Sophie Dugmore and newly-promoted Senior Keeper Sam Grove, pictured left, helped kit out the enclosure with several metres of new webbing.

Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said it was time for a spring clean and that mum, Meo, dad Huggy, daughter Penny and the little three-month old, who is yet to be sexed, were gradually getting used to the new ropes.

She said: “The webbing they use to climb and swing on is pretty sturdy but we replace it as and when it needs it.

“Huggy was a little unsure at first but is getting used to it now.

“We’ve also added new wood bark to the floor so their home has had a good spring clean!”

Webbing is also being replaced at other enclosures around the site including the Orang Utan House.

BELOW: Pat, Sophie and Sam get to work replacing the webbing for our Lar gibbon family